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Se non Ŕ vero 
Ŕ ben trovato



  Comment: this picture is so fantastic because of some fascinating contrasting details: they are looking closely in each other's eyes, the policeman has his arm on the shoulder of the Palestinian, the Palestinian his fist on the chest of the policeman, while the person behind the Palestinian is looking casual in another direction.
Source: Amit Shabi / Reuters, 13 October 2000. An Israeli border policeman and a Palestinian scream at each other as the Palestinian is refused entry to the Al-Aqsa mosque for Friday prayers.



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  This website is a personal website with anything that seems interesting to me in what way so ever, mainly texts, pictures and cartoons.
The website contains mostly Dutch and English texts
(if possible in both languages), but sometimes other languages as well, such as German, French, Italian. 
It can be my own stuff or someone else's. If known I give the source and sometimes some comment.

Comments are welcome. Interesting contributions are welcome as well. 
Have fun!

I am looking for a native English speaker to correct my English texts: info@voxclamantis.nl

  Vox clamantis in deserto
"de stem eens roependen in de woestijn" (gezegd van iemand wiens woorden in de wind geslagen worden.)
"the voice of one crying in the wilderness" 
Jes. 40:3, Matth. / Matthew 3:3; Marcus / Mark 1:3; Lucas / Luke 3:4; Joh. / John 1:23


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  17-09-2012 "Quite an intriguing website you have there. I like the way you think. I think you are doing a fine job.
Your site is much more interesting than many that are out there. Keep up the good work."

Martin Brant (enlightenedmale2000.com)

21-08-2007 "Your site is looking very good in its own calm way."


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Pictures (Men)
17-10-2012 Pictures (Sneeuwpoppen - Snowmen)
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21-09-2012 Politics: 198 Methods of non-violent action
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18-08-2010 Regeringsvorming 2010: meten met 2 maten
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12-06-2010 Kenniseconomie: klap van 100 euro
14-05-2010 Spinoza pictures
12-05-2010 Athe´sm (Wonderen / Miracles)
07-05-2010 Funny stories: English versions added
02-05-2010 Pictures (Parliament)
30-04-2010 Regels om motieven te doorzien / Motive discoverers
28-04-2010 Pictures (Ukraine Parliament)
25-04-2010 Pictures (Pauw / peacock + Taiwan Parliament)
21-04-2010 Cartoon (Prelude du Fornication) + picture (British soldiers)
17-04-2010 Anal sex: The Surrender
24-03-2010 De aarde kan wel voor zichzelf zorgen
Baby en big
22-01-2010 Cartoon
18-01-2010 De ongelooflijke slechtheid van het opperwezen
13-09-2009 Precieze vraagstelling
24-06-2009 Discriminatie
15-05-2009 Hoe te redeneren? / How to reason?
Over papieren Schrift / On paper bible
03-01-2009 Steun IsraŰls optreden tegen Hamas 
Israel moet zichzelf mogen verdedigen 
01-11-2008 Papagaai en Pingu´n
15-06-2008 Pictures: highway to Mecca
Een christen komt bij de sjeik
/ A christian comes to the sheikh
25-03-2008 Beatrix
Photo: Italian Parliament
30-01-2008 Cartoons
03-01-2008 Cartoons
24-11-2007 Religion (athe´sm): English versions added
20-08-2007 Pictures: building
19-08-2007 Human rights and the denial of sexual freedom (1951, RenÚ Guyon)
04-07-2007 Sexual repression and orgasm
09-06-2007 Israel
28-05-2007 Reich, The sexual revolution
Family cornerstone?
Sexual repression
27-05-2007 In de file staan
Hel afgeschaft
25-05-2007 Multatuli
18-05-2007 Vreemdgaan: Bob
02-05-2007 Funny stories: English versions added
30-04-2007 Een en ander: Vijf
Moreel graaien / Alleen maar seks
22-04-2007 Wijsheid / dwaasheid / wisdom / folly
21-04-2007 Sitemap
18-04-2007 See sex (Sensitive and caring; Life in Lubbock; Masturbation; Adultery; Air Force)
12-04-2007 Canonical and nazi anti-jewish measures
11-04-2007 Inapprehensible whether there are gods
09-04-2007 Waarom de paus antisemiet moet zijn
09-04-2007 De liefde / Love


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